PROCESIO seeks 650.000 euros on SeedBlink to accelerate international development


PROCESIO, an innovative platform based on No-Code technology, developed by Ringhel, is listed on SeedBlink as of April 12. PROCESIO aims to raise EUR 650.000 through the online investment platform to accelerate its global growth. The round will take two steps. The first, dedicated to the re-investors of SeedBlink, will start on 12 April, followed by the general listing on 15 April 2021, dedicated to all with an investor account. The investment vouchers start at 2.500 euros.

In 2020, the company carried out through SeedBlink the first round of over-subscribed funding with a total value of 556.000 euros to develop the PROCESIO platform. Recently, the company launched the private version of the PROCESIO platform, at an international level, in line with the targets set in the previous funding round, with the public launch to take place in July 2021.

In the context of the opportunity in the global market to adopt the PROCESIO at a faster pace than expected, the founders decided to fuel the business growth with a new round of investment.

The company aims to obtain recurrent revenues from PROCESIO at over 1,8 million euros in 2022 and to reach an assessment of over 1 billion euros in 2027.

“PROCESIO has the chance to become a new unicorn with Romanian DNA”, considers Mihai Dârzan, CEO of Ringhel. “We enjoy the confidence that SeedBlink investors gave to our company in the previous funding round. We have delivered on our promises since 2020 and are confident that we can achieve much better results than anticipated.”

The investment will be used to increase sales, marketing and communication efforts for PROCESIO globally, build a network of partners, train the Customer Success team, strengthen Development & Product team, create a project implementation team to support implementation partners, externalize area of Custom Actions, which allows you to scale much faster.

What PROCESIO does?

Every company, regardless of its specificities, faces daily repetitive tasks that it manually resolves. Whether we talk about operations, marketing activities, customer services, billing or business development, all departments are dealing with time management challenges. PROCESIO is the platform to help them, enabling users to create prototypes, test and implement automation processes quickly and flexibly.

Regardless of a person’s scheduling and encoding skills, the PROCESIO platform allows all users to design and build automated processes. Employees of a company in any industry can thus use the platform both individually and as a team to develop software and automate processes within the company.

PROCESIO is the backend to any software, application or service, eliminating the need to design and implement complicated and scalable software architectures. But the vision of the PROCESIO team is much broader: The platform will become the natural solution for software building, being accessible to all people, regardless of their technical skills, allowing them to cooperate smoothly.

Founded in 2020, PROCESIO is a platform (PaaS) based on No-Code technology, dedicated to both technical and non-technical professionals. The platform focuses on team collaboration, is easy to use, and helps to efficiently develop qualitative software programs. PROCESIO enables extensive integrations with features that provide more flexibility to automate business processes.

PROCESIO is a Ringhel brand product, a software company with large company customers such as E.On, ENGIE, CEZ, Lukoil, met, but many more, and with extensive experience in complete business process automation.


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