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Petrescu, OMV Petrom: Debate on the importance of sustainability is increasingly present in the public space

13 October 2021

Sustainability is an increasingly present topic in the public space not only when it comes to large or listed companies, but for any company, said on Wednesday in a specialized forum, Alina Petrescu, director of Communication and Sustainability within OMV Petrom.

“I am very happy that we are talking more and more and this debate about the importance of sustainability, about ESG (Environmental, Social, Corporate Governance) which is more and more present in the public space. And not only when it comes to large, listed companies, but also for any company. It is important that we do not just discuss, but also implement things when we talk about sustainability. For OMV Petrom sustainability is an extremely important aspect in our business and not since yesterday, but for a long time. We have been publishing a sustainability report for more than ten years, we have been focusing on transparency and reporting for some time, which translates into the existence of a sustainability strategy that is perfectly linked to our strategy. The sustainability strategy focuses on several main areas: the health and safety part, the carbon efficiency part, the employees part, the business principles and social responsibility, and innovation. These focus areas overlap with the three major ESG principles – Environment, Social and Governance. None of these three principles should be neglected,” Petrescu said, according to Agerpres.

The representative of OMV Petrom pointed out that, within the company, there is since last year a new department that aims at innovative energy solutions – New Energy Solutions.

“In OMV Petrom, the New Energy Solutions team was set up a year ago, with new directions in energy, a function that looks at everything that means new solutions and the aspect of climate change, energy transition. To ensure that our Board of Directors has maximum visibility, we operate through new task forces that focus, each on the most important areas for us. For any company the effort is not negligible at all, but it is an effort that has already become mandatory,” said Alina Petrescu.

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