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Efficient Romania: The third educational unit modernized with OMV Petrom’s help

23 April 2024
General Interest

OMV Petrom and Energy Policy Group (EPG) announce the completion of the structural consolidation, expansion and energy rehabilitation of the Zig-Zag Kindergarten in Ovidiu. This is the third educational unit in the country modernized to the nZEB standard, almost zero energy consumption, within the Efficient Romania program. The budget for the modernization of the building amounted to 1.5 million euros.


“Buildings are responsible for 40% of energy consumption in the European Union. Renovating existing buildings can lead to significant energy savings and lower CO2 emissions. Through Efficient Romania we want to increase the quality of life, educate future generations and demonstrate that energy can be consumed responsibly. The new face of the Zig-Zag kindergarten is proof that Efficient Romania can make a difference and we will continue to support it, collaborating closely with our partners and local authorities,” said Christina Verchere, CEO, OMV Petrom.


“This work is special, first of all, from the perspective of the very strong emotional response that this need of the community, of the young and dynamic population of Ovidiu, awakened in us. The complexity of the rehabilitation of this kindergarten located in the center of the town was unparalleled, involving the construction of a new body, connecting with a former disused thermal point, which was thus integrated into the whole of the educational unit, bringing precious additional space for educational activities.

”The impeccable support offered by Mr. Mayor George Scupra and his team of professionals, whom we thank for their involvement and dedication, as well as the generosity of the sponsor OMV Petrom and the flawless functioning of the partnership between EPG and OMV Petrom, in the Efficient Romania program, were key elements in successful completion of this project. Special thanks also for the help received from the PPC company, which expedited the connection to the electricity network in the power parameters necessary for the operation of the building’s heat pumps.

We have every confidence that a new generation of children will understand, from kindergarten, the advantages of a modern, comfortable building with high energy performance,” added Radu Dudău, President of EPG and coordinator of the Efficient Romania program.


With the completion of the renovation works, the 1950s building of the Zig-Zag Kindergarten went from energy class E to the highest energy efficiency class, A. The total annual energy consumption will be reduced by more than 60%, and the level of emissions of carbon will be about six times lower. Both external thermal insulation and the installation of energy-efficient carpentry and the installation of a centralized hybrid air conditioning system with heat pumps contribute to this result. Also, part of the kindergarten’s energy needs will come from its own sources, thanks to the new photovoltaic panel system equipped with an inverter and smart meter.


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