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Patria Bank doubled its net profit last year, to 20 mln. lei

1 March 2023
General Interest

Patria Bank posted a net profit of 20.24 million lei last year, up 114%, from 9.46 million lei in 2021. Net banking income increased by over 18%, to 194.3 million lei.

The level of active customers registered a slight decrease of 2% in 2022, caused by the Microenterprises segment, to 12,526 customers.

“The financial results for 2022 show a net profit of 20.2 million lei, an increase of 10.8 million lei, i.e. +114%, compared to the previous year. Patria Bank continued the process of consolidating profitability, a process that arises from the development of operational revenues correlated with a prudent evolution of the cost of risk. The improvement of profitability in a volatile and uncertain macroeconomic environment denotes a sustainable evolution as well as the bank’s adaptability to current market conditions,” bank’s report stated, according to

The bank announces that it granted new loans in the amount of 968 million lei, which led to an increase in the portfolio of performing loans by 11% and total assets by 9% compared to 2021.

New loan sales had an upward trend, especially in the mortgage loan segment, representing approximately 75% of total new loan sales in Q4 2022.

The level of outstanding loans granted to companies registered a positive evolution compared to December 2021, marking an increase of 6.5%. An important pillar in the annual growth of 6.5% was the SME segment due to the focus in the Mid Market area in areas such as real estate, green energy, production, transport and trade, which registered a growth of 25%. The Microenterprises segment had an annual growth of 4%, maintaining the focus on granting EASI loans, with an EIF (European Investment Fund) guarantee.

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