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Moldelectrica became an independent system operator

17 July 2023

The state enterprise Moldelectrica was certified by the National Energy Regulatory Agency of the Republic of Moldova (ANRE-MD), as an independent system operator.

The decision of July 11, 2023, confirms that Moldelectrica meets all the legal and technical requirements imposed by the European Energy Community to operate independently as an electricity transmission system. This opens up new opportunities for the company to develop its own strategies and policies in line with the country’s energy needs and goals.

“Although we do not have interoperable energy systems and the interconnection project is still in the development phase, we can say that, at least at the legal level, we are one step away from becoming a country whose electricity transmission system operator is certified European”, says Eugen Carpov, director within ANRE-MD. “The transposition and implementation of European legislation come to realize the more efficient functioning of the national energy sectors due to their integration with the energy markets of the European Community by creating a unique cross-border mechanism for the transport of electricity and supervision of safety measures, creating an efficient mechanism for the operation of the markets the electricity grid.”

The full effective separation and independence of the electricity transmission system operator from the electricity and natural gas supply and production activities will guarantee the decision-making and functional independence of the TSO and will not allow third parties to exercise direct or indirect control over the transmission system of electricity, increasing the security of electricity supply, a fact that represents an essential element for public safety and is therefore inextricably linked to the efficient operation of the internal electricity market and its integration with the networks of the Member States of the Energy Community.

The well-functioning of electricity markets and, in particular, the grids and other assets associated with the supply of electricity are essential for public safety, the competitiveness of the economy and the well-being of citizens to ensure a steady and secure flow of electricity in the country.

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