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Major protests by large energy consumer unions

7 January 2022

About 400 trade unionists from Alro Slatina, as well as from other companies in Slatina and in the country, organized large protest movements on Thursday, demanding the “rescue of the Romanian industry”, affected by the problems on the energy and gas markets.

Demonstrators also called for a “halt to the energy mafia”, pointing out that the increase in tariffs is affecting both large industrial consumers and household consumers.

The trade unionists said that they had a meeting with the Minister of Energy, Virgil Popescu, in the first part of the day, during which they asked the Government for measures to ensure a long-term predictability of the price and energy for industrial consumers.

“It was an official meeting with three unions, the Alro Trade Union, the Aluminum Processing Trade Union and the Alro Product Trade Union. He told us that on December 31, the legal framework was published in the Official Gazette, which allows large energy consumers to conclude direct contracts, which we asked for, but we did not know until today, directly with the Romanian producer, and the producer is required that at least 40% of the production be given to large industrial consumers. Now, the management, as we, the unions, do not have this power, must go and have discussions to conclude contracts directly with the producer. He also said that he, Minister Virgil Popescu, facilitated with the suppliers from Serbia and Bulgaria to conclude direct contracts with them in the spirit of the laws. He gave us this assurance. He also said that he, Minister Virgil Popescu, had made it easier for Serbian and Bulgarian suppliers to enter into direct contracts with them in the spirit of the law. He offered us that assurance,” said one of the union leaders from Alro, Ioan Popa.

The trade unionists from Galati and TMK Slatina and Resita were also present at the rally in Slatina, as well as representatives of Cartel Alfa affiliated unions, which also mentioned the problems on the natural gas market that affect large consumers, such as Azomureş, according to Agerpres.

“The problems you have are also with other companies in Romania that consume large amounts of electricity and if you have problems today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, other companies may also have them. The price of energy does not only affect you. There are companies that have closed down and sent employees at home,” said Metarom representative Danut Onica.

At the end of the protest, a delegation of trade unionists had a new meeting with the prefect of Olt County.

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