Limitation on human resources delays automation projects


Digital transformation begins with taking over the data from the installations for an improved visibility on the real time status of the installations, Liviu Drăgoi, Sales Manager at ACE Industrial Software Solutions, told us at EnergynomicsTalks. Thus, you get remote control and operation for industrial equipment, as a first step in a journey that can then advance based on the results confirmed in the first stages. The crisis that was brought by the Covid-19 pandemic put many investment projects on hold, including automation, Liviu Drăgoi also said.

It seems that not even the pilot projects are very interesting at the moment, most likely due to the lack of staff available. “People focus on daily activities and there are few organizations that have dedicated positions for research and development,” says Liviu Dragoi.

ACE Industrial Software Solutions is a new company, launched in 2019, as the exclusive distributor of Aveva IT solutions, “out of Aveva’s desire to stay close to its customers, materialized even in an authorized Aveva center, with accredited trainers.”

Aveva is a world leader in providing industrial software, with solutions used in over 100,000 sites, in companies in all industries. “Aveva has more than 4,000 people on its team and processes huge volumes of data. Of the first six main players in the oil and gas area, five use Aveva solutions”, said Liviu Drăgoi, talking about the company’s solutions.

“We propose to start the project in small steps and then develop it as the viability of this development proves, toward solutions of advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence.” Most Aveva products have started to migrate to the cloud, and a migration from CAPEX to OPEX, based on subscription. An additional advantage is that migration to cloud comes with easy access to much more relevant databases for an efficient use of artificial intelligence algorithms.

The monitoring of SCADA solutions implemented by Aveva shows a 10% increase in productivity. “Operators are up to 5 times more aware of the condition of the equipment, and the costs with engineering decrease by up to 50% because once defined, a certain solution can be easily multiplied,” said Liviu Dragoi.

The prosuming segment, still in its infancy in Romania, is an interesting promise for ACE Industrial Software Solutions. “As a distributor, you cannot have numerous prosumers, without being informed, in aggregated formats, with the real-time situation in a certain area of the network”, Drăgoi explained.

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