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Less than 10 euros to charge an electric car at the MOL stations in Bucharest

30 January 2020

MOL introduced the paid service for charging electric vehicles at four of its gas stations in Bucharest, writes, based on information from the website.

The rates are 29 lei for a normal charge and 44 lei for a fast charge. The company specifies that each initiated charging session accounts for one charging, with no regard to the amount of electricity input or the duration of the charging session.

E-charging stations have the following types of connectors: Type 2 (Mennekes) (AC) for models Tesla Model S / X / 3, VW eGolf, Renault Zoe, and with Type 2 – Type 1 adapter cable also can be charged Nissan LEAF, Kia Soul, Peugeot iOn.

The stations have two types of DC connectors, used mainly in Europe: the CHAdeMO connector, developed by Japanese car manufacturers, used by Nissan, Kia, Mitsubishi, Citroen and Peugeot and the CCS connector, a model developed from the version of the Type 2 connector, largely supported by European manufacturers such as BMW and Volkswagen. To charge the Tesla Model S, you can use an adapter for the CHAdeMO connector.

4 charging stations are currently available in Bucharest, built by MOL Romania within the NEXT-E project.

In July 2017, the NEXT-E project was selected by the European Commission for co-financing through the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) program. The NEXT-E consortium will receive 18.84 million euros to implement the project, which is the largest CEF funding granted to an electric vehicles project. By 2020, 222 multi-standard fast charging stations (50 kW) and 30 ultra-fast charging stations (150-350 kW) are to be installed along the main corridors European transport network and the trans-European transport network (TEN-T). In Romania, 40 stations will be built – 19 by E.ON and 21 by MOL Romania – on the routes: Suceava-Bacău-Călărași, Constanța-București-Timișoara and Iași-Târgu Mureș – Alba Iulia. Recently, Energynomics informed that E.ON Energie Romania opened its 15th station within the NEXT-E project.

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