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Defining the vulnerable consumer will allow the total liberalization of the energy market

30 January 2020

The energy system is currently undergoing a period of most profound changes in the last decades, and the electricity market is at the center of this process of change. The common goal of decarbonizing the energy system creates new opportunities and challenges for market participants, and technological advances allow for new forms of consumer participation and increased cross-border cooperation.

The development of the energy system in Romania depends on the implementation of the provisions of EU Regulation 2019/943 and EU Directive 2019/944, emphasized the experts at the conference “New Model of the Electricity Market”, organized on January 29 by CNR-CME, Electrica SA and ANRE.

The Regulation and the Directive establish rules for ensuring the functioning of the internal market for electricity and include specific requirements related to the production of energy from renewable sources and to the environmental policy. The focus is placed on specific rules for certain types of electricity generation plants from renewable sources, regarding the responsibility for balancing, dispatching and re-dispatching, as well as a threshold for CO2 emissions for the new generation capacities.

The press release sent by CNR-CME shows that it is necessary to increase the share of energy produced from renewable sources, correlated with the possibility of increasing the capacity of energy storage, the development of new technologies and investments in power generation to provide flexibility, a term very frequently used in the energy sector. The quickest the political decision regarding the definition of the vulnerable consumer it will allow the total liberalization of the energy market – one of the objectives of the European documents. New regulations on some market mechanisms are also absolutely necessary for the market proper functioning.

The conference organized by CNR-CME brought together over 100 participants, representatives from the Commission for Industries and Services of the Chamber of Deputies, from the authorities – Ministry of Economy and ANRE -, decision makers from the main operators in the field, consultants, specialists from the state-own and private companies, other actors in the energy market, analysts, top operators in the field of power transmission and distribution.


The Association of the Romanian National Committee of the World Energy Council (CNR-CME) comprises the largest national network of energy specialists and is the main energy organization in Romania, a founding member of the World Energy Council, since 1924. CNR-CME is a professional, apolitical, nongovernmental organization, without profit or patrimonial purpose. CNR-CME concentrates the interests of different institutions and organizations in Romania involved in energy issues and the industry relationship with the economy and the environment.

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