Large industrial consumers claim that the price of electricity has increased by 80% since 2016


Large industrial energy consumers have 80% higher costs in 2019 than in 2016, paying more energy than companies in France.

The causes of the accelerated cost increase are multiple and contributing factors include the indirect emission costs of the price paid by coal-fired power generators for emissions certificates, said Petru Ianc, president of the Romanian Society of Metallurgy.

„The costs of these certificates are introduced into the price of energy, which is paid by the industrial and household consumers, and is the so-called indirect emission cost. The emission certificate price has increased about 5 times over the past 18 months, from 5 to 25 euros, and the forecasts say it will reach 40 euros in 2020,” he said, quoted by ZF.

In a similar intervention, Ionel Borş, country manager of ArcelorMittal (Sidex), recently argued that very high energy prices overwhelm the production of large consumers, blaming the role of carbon certificates.


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