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Knauf Insulation started works at the new thermal insulating wool factory in Târnăveni

23 April 2023

Knauf Insulation, one of the largest producers on the market of insulating materials, part of the Knauf Group, started the construction of the new production unit in Târnăveni, which is to be completed and put into operation in 2024. The new factory will employ more than 100 people, from skilled workers to automation or maintenance engineers.

In March last year, Knauf Insulation officially became the owner of the former Gecsat S.A. mineral wool factory from Tarnăveni. In the first stage, completed last year, more than 4 million euros were invested in the modernization and refurbishment of the existing factory, taken over by the company at the beginning of the year, in order to increase the production from 7,000 tons per year of mineral wool to 10,000 tons, according to Transilvania Business.

The construction of the new production facility, which started in early 2023 after obtaining all necessary approvals, is due to be completed in 2024, this being the most modern Knauf Insulation glass mineral wool plant in Central and Eastern Europe. The production facility will create more than 100 new jobs and ensure an annual production of more than 75,000 tons of mineral wool with the aim of serving both domestic needs and markets in Central and Eastern Europe.

The total investment in the Knauf Insulation project in Târnăveni, Mureș county, amounts to more than 135 million euros and will have an important impact on the company’s turnover, which will be supplemented by more than 50 million euros annually.

“This year we took another very important step for our business in Romania, with direct impact at the level of the local community and beyond. The implementation of the investment will have a multiplier effect in the economy by attracting other related investments and developing local suppliers of products and services in the region. Moreover, our mission is to become a central pillar in the sustainable development of the city of Târnăveni and not only, the county of Mureș. This means, in addition to community investments, ensuring superior and safe conditions for employees, a professional working environment, at Knauf Insulation global standards”, says Adrian Garofeanu, General Manager of Knauf Insulation Romania and Bulgaria.

Knauf Insulation aims to achieve the highest standards of quality performance in every point of work it has, constantly involving itself in the communities in which it operates. In this sense, both for the modernization works of the site in Târnăveni and for the construction of the new production unit, the company collaborates with subcontracted suppliers at local and national level, generating a direct positive impact in the local economy.

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