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Ionuț Bigica, Eaton: AFDD+ uses digital technology to prevent fires triggered by arc faults

7 April 2022
Bogdan Tudorache

There are currently a large number of fires caused by faulty electrical installations, old or misused, said Ionuț Bigica, Product Manager MCCB Eaton Romania, during the webinar “Fire safety – prevention solutions”, organized by Energynomics. “Therefore, we aim at reducing the number of fires to a minimum through the actions we carry out,” said Ionuț Bigica.

“Eaton protects people and property, and our mission is to save lives. Eaton has been investing in research for decades to make the use of electricity safer and more reliable. We all know that electricity is everywhere, in everything we do on a daily basis. We need to make the general public aware of the dangers that arise in the use of electricity and not only,” he said.

The annual average of fires in Romania is almost 14,300, these being caused in a proportion of 25% by defective electrical installations directly and in a much higher percentage, if we take into account the associated effects on other causes.

The expert then explained what arc faults are and how they can lead to fires. The most common causes of arc faults that can produce fires are damaged or interrupted conductors from external mechanical impact, terminals with increased resistance due to external influences or overloads, and aged or defective insulation.


Ionuț Bigica presented Eaton’s all-in-one solution for extended arc fault protection – AFDD+. “AFDD+ uses digital technology with integrated processing and intelligent current signal evaluation to ensure both sensitivities in detecting fault currents and prevention of unexpected tripping by performing digital conductor monitoring for specific frequencies that may indicate an arc fault,” explained Ionuț Bigica. The electronic circuit detects typical high-frequency signals of an arc fault and trips immediately. EATON AFDD+ indicators display the status and detailed fault information when the AFDD+ trips due to a fault. “This makes fault detection easier and less time-consuming,” he added.

“There are two European standards that have improved the concepts of protection – Standard EN 62606 on the technology of testing of arc detection devices. Germany is taking a first step in removing these effects by introducing detection devices for new installations in 2016 and modifying existing ones. In 2015, in Romania came some recommendations regarding electric arc detection devices, and Eaton has taken steps for an update of the I7 electrical safety standard”, Ionuț Bigica also said.

The webinar “Fire safety – prevention solutions”, was organized by Energynomics with the support of our partners: Eaton Electric and Rockwool Romania. The #better Association was our strategic partner.

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