Investing in automation for costs and risks reduction in the energy industry – EBC, Apr 20


A global giant in automation equipment and a dynamic local integrator, active predominantly in international markets, were the main actors of Energy Breakfast Club meeting on Wednesday, April 20, dedicated to automation and IT solutions for the energy industry. Sebastian Ferecuş, General Manager for Emerson Process Management in South-East Europe and Cristian Pîrvulescu, CEO of Enevo Group, showed solutions for reducing costs and increasing efficiency in process industries.

The talks were opened by Horațiu Silviu Anghelescu, State Secretary in the Ministry of Communications and Information Society.

RO-NET initiative is starting to deliver

The state official presented the phase in which is currently RO-NET strategic project, which aims to introduce broadband Internet in poor areas of Romania, through a funding of 60 million euros from European funds. “Up to now, already 99 communities out of the 760 targeted by RO-NET project were connected, and next month they will be already delivered by the concessionaire”, said Horațiu Silviu Anghelescu.

Connecting hundreds of cities through high-power internet can be a benefit for companies that choose to open outlets and operating points in these areas. “RO-NET means to bring free internet in the access point. From here on, the access point is another business, so there’s no problem if a person or entity enter into a contract with the concessionaire – Telekom”, Anghelescu said.

Complete coverage from a global manufacturer and supplier of technology

Sebastian Ferecuş is leading the process management business unit for the US group Emerson in the region of South East Europe. Emerson Process Management business segment is the largest of the group, representing 36% of a turnover of 22.3 billion dollars in 2015.


Besides its size (11,000 employees worldwide), geographic distribution (205 factories in 150 countries) and history (founded in 1890), Emerson group comes with diversified experience and know-how that only a global manufacturer and supplier of technology can offer.

In Romania, Emerson Process Management has been working mainly in oil and gas, in refining (Rompetrol Rafinare). Sebastian Ferecuş added, however, many examples of energy management applications in other countries where the introduction of automation improved response control, reduced variations, stabilized the process and reduced energy consumption.

Controling the unpredictable through SCADA and dispatching solutions

Enevo Group is a Romanian entrepreneurial initiative, started only a few years ago and  has now activities on three continents: Europe, Asia and Australia. Cristian Pîrvulescu was referring to some of the flagship projects Enevo made in 2016, including automation of a water desalination plant in Qatar. Enevo has worked with Transenergo, Alpiq and Monsson to automate their dispatch centers, which controls the activity of many parks for generating electricity from renewable resources.

“One of the specific elements for such projects comes from the fact that a production unit based on renewable sources has tens or hundreds of inverters, of distributed equipment for data acquisition and control, protection relays, power measurement centers or analysis points of energy quality. All these generate tens of thousands of parameters that need to be centralized in a single dispatch platform”, said Pîrvulescu. Developing control algorithms with a high degree of complexity is imposed by the diversity of equipment, both in terms of producers and proprietary protocols.


Without solutions like those made by Enevo cannot be imagined an effective and safe activity. In addition, legal charges on dispatching and control are increasingly restrictive and cyber risks are a reality everyday.

Representatives from ABR – Asociaţia Biocombustibilii în România, Academia de Studii Economice, Academia Română, ANRE, Asociaţia Industriei Sistemelor de Automatizare, Siguranţă şi Securitate, Asociaţia KNX, Bright Technology Consult, Building Support Services, Cabur, Cenit SRL, CNR CIGRE, Consiglieri, Custom Soft, EFdeN, Elsaco, Emerson Process Management, Emerson Ridge Tools, Enel, Enevo, Green Group, ISPE, Luxten Lighting Company, Managenergy, Mazars – Audi & Financial Advisory Services, Ministry of Comunications and Information Society, NKT Cables, OMV Petrom, Porsche România, RADET, Romelectro SA, SafeTech, SGS România, SII România, Transgaz, Vestra, Volkswagen Autoturisme attended the presentations and participated in discussions.


The event was organized by and supported by our partners: Cabur, Emerson Process Management, Enevo Group, Ridgid, SGS România, Sixt New Kopel..


This year, aims to organize at least 6 more Energy Breakfast Club meetings. The schedule and the proposed themes are here.

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