Hidroelectrica – tender worth 77 mln. euro for the refurbishment of HPP Râul-Mare Retezat


Hidroelectrica initiated on the e-licitaţie.ro platform the public procurement procedure for the refurbishment works of HPP Râul-Mare Retezat, a project estimated at over 76.98 million euro.

It is to be awarded as a result of a competitive negotiated procedure, in which the value for money ratio will be assessed.

The deadline for submitting applications from interested entities is of May 24, 2021, at 11:00, at Hidroelectrica headquarters.

“The refurbishment of HPP Râul Mare – Retezat is a major project of Hidroelectrica and we have proposed that the works be completed within two years from signing the contract. We are talking about consolidating the objectives of the portfolio, equipment and facilities vital to the company and which must enter a new life cycle. I assure you that we take the refurbishment and modernization area very seriously and we are not willing to compromise on the quality requirements or the deadlines assumed by the contracts,” said Bogdan Badea, Chairman of the board of directors of Hidroelectrica.

Along with numerous design activities, the required works include the manufacture, installation and commissioning of the hydraulic turbine, electric generators, SCADA automation systems, as well as other hydromechanical equipment (butterfly valves and ball valves). Also, the project from HPP Râul-Mare Retezat involves the modernization/ refurbishment and commissioning of the transformation power station.

Râul Mare Retezat Hydropower Plant includes the Gura Apelor dam and the Retezat and Clopotiva hydropower plants, with an installed capacity of 349 MW and an average multiannual energy of 629.50 GWh.

HPP Râul Mare Retezat exploits the hydropower potential of a hydrographic basin of 300 km2, spread on the northern slopes of the Retezat Mountains and which functions as a real water castle. The development of the Râul Mare positively influences the downstream uses, especially the drinking water supplies. Also, HPP Râul Mare – Retezat regulates the natural flows in the Gura Apelor accumulation, contributing to the attenuation of floods.


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