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Head of AHK Romania: Romania has an enormous potential for developing the energy business

5 June 2019
General Interest

Romania has an enormous potential for energy business development and there is a major potential for developing energy efficiency, said on Tuesday at a symposium on energy efficiency in industry, Sebastian Metz, General Director of the Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK Romania).

“There is an enormous potential to make energy business here in Romania. We see a win-win collaboration with the companies in Romania, and in the industrial area we have reached 30% savings. We are on a good road of energy efficiency in Romania, and this has also been subsidized through EU support programs. However, Romania consumes 1.8 times more in the energy industry to produce something than the other EU countries. The major energy consumer component is of 90% and Romania is, though, on the right track. We see that there is a major development potential to produce even more energy efficient,” said Metz, quoted by Agerpres.

He added that Romanian energy legislation is increasingly focusing on energy efficiency. “I also want to remind you that, with regard to the Romanian legislative framework, it leads to more emphasis on energy efficiency. Energy audits and also better energy management must be carried out. For these things, there are a number of energy efficiency programs. In Romania, we have a substantial delegation of companies in this field, and I think these framework conditions we have created are optimal to generate win-win partnerships of energy efficiency in the Romanian industry,” the general manager of AHK Romania said.

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