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GDF SUEZ Energy Romania 4.12 billion lei turnover in 2013, up 2%

28 April 2014
Gabriel Avăcăriței

Natural gas and electricity distributor GDF SUEZ Energy Romania, a subsidiary of French group GDF SUEZ, recorded last year a turnover of 4.12 billion lei (935.8 million euro), up 2% compared to 2012, based on electricity sales growth.

The company’s turnover was 4.04 billion lei in 2012.

Last year’s gas supply revenues stagnated at 3,7 billion lei, while the turnover generated by the electricity sector raised by 13% to 209.6 million lei.

GDF SUEZ Energy România invested 490 million lei invested last year.

In 2013, the company’s net profit was 447.1 million lei (101.3 million euro), 24% higher than the 360.1 million lei, in 2012.

The company notes the fact that the higher electricity supplies were determined by the two wind parks it owns. There is one 52MW wind park in Băleni, Galați county, and another 48MW wind park in Gemenele, Brăila county.

9.5 million euro in subsidies for the green energy generated

The company received in 2013 subsidies in green certificates of 42 million lei (9.5 million euro) worth for the renewable electricity generated and supplied by the two wind parks. The company received around 198,000 green certificates last year.

At the same time, the company benefited from almost 49,000 green certificates, at a total worth of 9.2 million lei.

The Romanian Government supports electricity generation from renewable sources by having the state own company Transelectrica providing each producer with a certain number of green certificates accordingly with the volumes produced and supplied into the national network.

GDF SUEZ Energy România, previously Distrigaz Sud, has a total of 1.44 million clients in Bucharest and 18 counties.

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