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First Rompetrol integrated service centers and gas stations on the A1 Nadlac-Sibiu motorway

9 March 2023
General Interest

The Kazakh-Romanian Energy Investment Fund (KREIF) and Rompetrol Downstream – the retail structural subdivision of the KMG International Group in Romania, opened today the first four integrated service centers on the A1 highway (Nadlac – Sibiu section), near the town of Pecica and town of Orastie.

The stations were handed over for equipping, operation and maintenance by The National Company for Road Infrastructure Administration to Rompetrol Downstream, based on service concession contracts awarded by public auction.

Part of the IV Pan-European Transport Corridor (Dresden – Istanbul), the A1 highway is the main connecting road to and from Hungary and the western countries of the European Union, both for commercial purposes and for tourists.

„This is a premiere for Romania, a brand-new concept, developed for the new gas stations on the highways, which ensures clients’ access to a variety of products and services, to generous spaces for rest, relaxation or having meals with the loved ones, and spaces for local and regional producers. There are also fast electric charging stations, and the partnership concluded with the KFC chain of restaurants,” says Catalin Dumitru, Retail and Marketing Director in KMG International and member of the Board of Directors of the Kazakh-Romanian Energy Investment Fund.

The four stations inaugurated today are part of a 12 service centers package that the Fund will open on the A1 highway, with a total investment estimated at over 40 million dollars. The investment effort for the first four integrated centers amounted 14 million dollars, with the remaining eight units to be opened in the next period, near Sagu (Arad county), Giarmata and Recaș (Timiș), Cristian (Sibiu).

The new stations have a total surface of approximately 4.260 sq. m. – on right of Pecica (596 sq.m. interior area), 4.260 sq.m. – left of Pecica (596 sq.m.), 6.200 sq. m. for right of Orastie (596 sq. m.) and 6.220 sq. m. for left of Orastie (523 sq. m.). The interior space is three times bigger than an average Rompetrol gas station and it includes shop, restaurant, coffee-shop, playground for children, dedicated spaces for mothers with children and facilities for disabled people.

“The Rompetrol brand continues its development on national and regional levels. In 2013 we launched a new general concept of Rompetrol stations, at the end of 2019 we showed the clients its development by aligning the façade elements with current trends and optimizing the space for gastro products, and now we move to the next level – a new Rompetrol station for highways in Romania. These are also the first gas stations in Romania where one can have hot meals, made with fresh ingredients from local producers. The menu suits every taste and includes dishes from traditional and international cuisine,” adds Zhanibek Nugertayev, the General Manager of Rompetrol Downstream.

With about 45-65 new employees per gas station, each one is equipped with 6 fuel dispensers for cars, 2 fast dispensers for trucks/international truck drivers/buses, an AdBlue pump, a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) supply skid, vapor recovery systems and LED lighting, and also 4 fast charging stations for electric cars. For a lower energy consumption, the company analyzes the possibility to install high efficiency photovoltaic panels in the next period.

Among the services offered by the gas stations there are Fill&Go systems, terminals for payment of the vignette/invoices/bank transfers/buying insurance, and also 97 parking places (Pecica) and 108 (Orastie) for cars and trucks.

The new concept ensures a natural development of the “hei” brand, by turning it into an umbrella brand, hence creating three distinctive service lines – hei&gourmet for the assisted service for the restaurant hot meals, hei&go for the shop products and hei&coffee for coffee, pastry and sandwiches.

“In addition to that, together with the local authorities we try to find local and regional producers interested in the promotion and selling of the Romanian products, whereas depending on their interest, we will continue the development of this services center by creating dedicated spaces and safe trading conditions,” also says Zhanibek Nugertayev.

Another premiere for the gas stations located on the highways in Romania is the partnership between Rompetrol and KFC, operated by the holding Sphera Franchise Group. Thus, the KFC restaurants will have distinct spaces and will be found in 3 locations out of 12 Rompetrol gas stations on A1 highway.

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