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Martin Zmelik, Carmen Neagu and Artur Stratan – speakers at the launch of the Energy Strategy Summit report

16 Sep 2015 @ 09:00 - 12:00

On Wednesday, September 16th, energynomics.ro, the most complex editorial project exclusively dedicated to the energy industry in Romania, will officially realease for the press the 2015 Energy Strategy Summit report.

Ministry of Energy prepares the selection of an external consultant to update Romania’s energy strategy, a document dating from as early as 2007, the year of accession to the European Union. To support this difficult process spread over several years, and responding to its mission to be the main communication channel for the energy industry, energynomics.ro held on June 4, at Bușteni, the largest public consultation of companies in the industry.

The objective of the meeting was to identify the key elements of the future Romanian energy strategy, from the perspective of the business community.

The Energy Strategy Summit 2015 report includes the recommendations of decision makers of major companies and professional associations in the oil and gas, utilities and renewable sectors, for their inclusion in the National Energy Strategy.

The report will be presented by Gabriel Avăcăriţei, chief editor at energynomics.ro, and the main conclusions will open the dialogue where, together with media representatives, will also be:

  • Martin Zmelik, CEO CEZ România
  • Carmen Neagu, President of Transelectrica Supervisory Board
  • Artur Stratan, president of ROPEPCA

Speakers at 2015 Energy Strategy Summit

  • Mihnea Constantinescu, Ambassador-at-large for Energy Security, Government of Romania
  • Mihai Albulescu, secretary of state within the Energy, SMEs and Business environment Ministry
  • Gheorghe Duțu President of ANRM
  • John Knapp, RBSTA Chairman, Managing Director of ExxonMobil Exploration and Production Romania Limited
  • Artur Stratan, President ROPEPCA
  • Daniel Apostol, Secretary-General ROPEPCA
  • Mihail Mitroi, Chief HSEQ Prospecțiuni
  • Varinia Radu, partener CMS-Cameron McKenna
  • Melania Mirea, Executive Director and Directorate Member BCR Pensii
  • Frank Hajdinjak, CEO E.On România
  • Corneliu Bodea, president CRE, Adrem Invest and Adrem Automation representative
  • Remus Borza, Hidroelectrica
  • Ionuţ Farcaş, Schneider Electric România
  • Cristina Cremenescu, vicepresident COGEN
  • Ciprian Glodeanu, president ARPIA
  • Cătălina Dragomir, Chairman of the Board of the Romanian Wind Energy Association (RWEA) /Country Manager Vestas CEU România
  • Ovidiu Demetrescu, general manager HidroTarniţa
  • Sebastian Enache, business development manager, Monsson Group
  • Carmen Neagu, President of Supervisory Board Transelectrica
  • Toni Volpe, CEO Enel România
  • Daniela Lulache, CEO Nuclearelectrica
  • John M. Roberts, member in Energy Policy Group’s Advisory Board

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Wing Media Energy Consulting is the only full-service media agency that offers specialized consultancy services to energy companies operating both in and out of Romania`s borders. WMEC is the publisher of the communication platform energynomics.ro, the most complex editorial project exclusively dedicated to the energy industry in Romania. It comprises the website, the printed Magazine, and the concept-events.

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