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DigitALL 2020

18 Feb 2020 @ 08:30 - 18:00

On February 18, Energynomics organizes at the Marriott Hotel in Bucharest, the first edition of the largest conference on digitalization in Romania, bringing together companies and experts from energy, IT and finance: DigitALL 2020.

For a day, Energynomics brings together the most influential decision-makers from three ever increasingly interconnected industries, at the Marriott Hotel in Bucharest, for a discussion on the 2020 trends in the digital world.

DigitALL 2020 will bring together more than 20 speakers – senior officials from the Government and relevant authorities, top managers of large companies, representatives of professional associations, Romanian and foreign experts from academia and universities.

Participation in assistance is FREE based on the confirmation from the organizers! Secure your place by email at: events (at) wing-media.com!



DigitALL 2020 is organized by Energynomics, in partnership with reputed organizations such as CIO Council, AHK Romania, British Romanian Chamber of Commerce, BusinessMark with the support of General Investigations, First Bank, MET Romania Energy, Siemens România, Emerson, Ebury, ENEVO Group.

So far, more than 150 people have confirmed their attendance, representing organizations among which: ABB România, ADITBI, Adrem, Agenția de Consultanță pentru Dezvoltarea Afacerilor, Asimouth Training, ASRO – Organismul Național de Standardizare din România, Barrels Hub Inc, BCR România, Business France, certSIGN, CEZ România, CIO Council, Distribuție Oltenia, ELCEN, Emerson Automation Solutions, EY, FPPG, General Investigation, INCIR, Investisia Group, Jurnalul Bucurestiului, KeysFin SRL, MET România Energy, MVM Energy, Primăria București, Siemens România, SNSPA, Spitalul “Marie Curie”, Transelectrica, Univ. Petrol Gaze Ploiești, Universitatea Politehnica București – Facultatea de Energetică, Universitatea Tehnică de Construcții Bucuresti, ziare.com.

On February 18 we will advocate for the necessary, because the inevitable, convergence of several economic fields in a connected, virtual, data driven world of digital realities. All important economic sectors and activities – among them energy, finance, transportation, communication – advance towards digitalized realities which make the boundaries blurry and invite to similar approaches across all the fields.

We will address the hot topics of the moment for the Romanian and regional economies and societies, in 3 plenary sessions, for taking a competent look at the trends, leaders, solutions and synergies for industry, municipalities, and each of us. DigitALL 2020 aims at providing all those interested – Government, Parliament, local public authorities, regulators, external partners – with a common ground for future steps.


The DigitALL 2020 Conference is designed to provide a fruitful communication and networking platform for CIOs and other C Level decision makers from leading organizations in Energy, IT and Financial Services. Attendees will engage in moderated debates for sharing insights and knowledge with industry leaders and experts with respect to the opportunities and challenges entailed by digital transformation in various economic fields.

Hot Topics

  • The trends of 2020 in the digital world
  • New leaders with new abilities for the digital economy
  • AI, Automation, Machine learning & Robotics change the Business Landscape
  • Improved business processes based on Automated Software
  • Challenges in deployment of Cyber Defense for large organizations
  • The Dos and Don’ts of Data privacy and protection
  • Cybersecurity for SCADA and industrial control systems
  • The block chain technology – improving/changing/inventing businesses
  • Workforce in the digital world: people & robots
  • Digital Experts: from lohn to cutting edge champions
  • The European Digital Agenda

AGENDA – tentative

ABC Salon, Hotel Marriott, Bucharest

09:00-09:05 Opening speech from the organizers
09:05-09:20 Ministerial Address – Sabin Sărmaș, president of the Authority for Digitalization of Romania
09:20-09:35 Keynote Speech – Vladimir Dincu, UiPath
09:35-11:00 1st PLENARY PANEL – The trends of 2020 in the digital world!

The digital transformation is such a huge global event that no conversation could cover all the themes that are emerging as powerful enablers and scary challenges. We will start the DigitALL 2020 conference with some insights on a handful of such themes, among which: 5G, analytics as a competitive advantage, AI and machine learning, privacy concerns, blockchain solutions, RPAs and so on. From a distance, it might be hard to grasp which of these technologies is ripe for making into mainstream, and which are just nice promises for the most daring of us. What are the opinions and insights of the experts in the energy, finance and IT industries?

Confirmed Speakers

  • Adrian Boiarciuc, CIO Romgaz
  • Cristian Oprea, General Investigations
  • Sebastian Ferecuș, General Manager CSEE, Emerson Automation Solutions
  • Daniel Apostol, Director Relații Externe FPPG
  • Cosmin Ghiță, Distribuție Oltenia – CEZ România

11:00-11:15 1st HANDS-ON APPROACH Emerson Automation Solutions
11:30-11:45 Keynote Speech – Yugo Neurmoni, president of the CIO Council
11:45-13:15 2nd PLENARY PANEL – Focus on Energy!

Just like everywhere, digital operating models become mandatory in the energy industry as well. More data is more problems, as big data is about to get even bigger. AI takes center stage in clients management, but also in the operational aspects of daily businesses. It is exciting to see how energy companies will integrate and create demand for new technologies, but also to see how local entrepreneurs emerge to answer such needs. With IoT’s importance ever growing, companies are feverishly working on analytics systems to make sense out of the reams of data that they are recording based on technologies like 5G, sensor tech and edge computing. How can one make use of such insights in real-time for increased operational and financial performances?

Confirmed Speakers

  • Marian Răducu, Director IT&C Transelectrica
  • Augustin Ionescu, Head of Digital Grid Smart Infrastructure, Siemens România
  • Cristian Kameniczki, Manager of the IT&C Department Hidroelectrica
  • Andrei Berechet, Business Development Director Adrem
  • Radu Brașoveanu, Executive Technical Director, ENEVO Group


14:30-14:45 Keynote Speech
14:45-16:15 3rd PLENARY PANEL – Energy  – the meeting point!

New digital alliances emerge these days. Although most of the vendors position themselves as end-to-end service providers, partnerships where each party plays to its strengths and provides depth in domain and delivery expertise are the way to go. While all the eyes and wallets seem focused on renewables, there are also many other touchpoints for energy and finance. The adoption of blockchain technology in the energy sector will generate over $3 billion by 2025 owing to an increase in deployment in the power, oil and gas sectors, according to Global Market Insights. In the power segment, using distributed ledger technology makes for easier and secure energy transactions. Another promising area of application are microgrids, which can include solar and wind generated power for supplying electricity to consumers, in addition to being able to sell surplus power to the central grid or on peer-to-peer basis. How close is the frontiers among industries to melt into new services and business models?

Confirmed Speakers

  • Mircea Modran, Chief Information Officer Electrica SA
  • Bogdan Cornigeanu, Chief Operating Officer, MET România Energy
  • Johan Gabriels, Country Manager România Ebury
  • Ionuț Encescu, Head of Customer Value First Bank
  • George Ilie, Manager Smart City Department B2B, Telekom
  • Mihail Cazacu, Public Affairs ANIS


Participation in assistance is FREE based on the confirmation from the organizers! Secure your place by email at: events (at) wing-media.com!

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