EU states want global elimination of coal-fired power plants and fossil fuel subsidies


EU member states could call for a global shutdown of coal-fired power plants on Monday and a cessation of fossil fuel subsidies, given that the EU wants to make climate change an important part of its foreign policy, according to a draft document consulted by Reuters.

In this document, which European ministers hope to finalize on Monday, the EU bloc would take a hard line on climate diplomacy, discouraging other countries from investing in fossil fuels and forging alliances with major economies to achieve faster reductions in pollutant emissions, according to Agerpres.

A series of countries such as China, Japan and South Africa has promised to eventually reduce its carbon emissions to zero. A similar promise was made by US President Joe Biden during the election campaign. But the EU is one of the few major economies that has translated this long-term goal into urgent action this decade.

“The EU is calling for the global elimination of subsidies for fossil fuels, which are harmful to the environment, over a clearly defined period of time,” the Reuters document reads. “This includes the elimination of coal in energy production and, as a first step, an immediate halt to all funding for new coal-using infrastructure,” the document said.

“EU energy diplomacy will discourage any new investment in fossil fuel-based energy infrastructure projects in third countries, except those that are fully consistent with a clear path towards climate neutrality,” the document said.

Reuters points out that the document may be subject to change before it is adopted by European ministers.


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