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EU renewables surpassed fossil sources for the first time last year


European Commission on Tuesday adopted reports on the state of the energy union in 2021, which assess the EU’s progress in making the transition to clean energy, almost two years after the launch of the European Green Pact, according to a press release of the EU executive.

The report shows that in 2020, renewable energy sources surpassed fossil fuels as the main source of energy in the EU for the first time, generating 38% of electricity, compared to 37% from fossil fuels. To date, 9 EU Member States have already phased out coal, another 13 have committed to phasing it out by a certain date, and 4 are examining possible disposal schedules. In 2020, EU-27 greenhouse gas emissions fell by almost 10% compared to 2019, a record decrease in emissions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, bringing the overall emission reduction to 31% compared to 1990.

Last year, primary energy consumption fell by 1.9% and final energy consumption by 0.6%. However, both figures exceed the trajectory needed to achieve the EU’s 2020 and 2030 targets, and efforts must continue to be sustained in this direction at Member State and EU level. Subsidies for fossil fuels have fallen slightly in 2020 due to declining total energy consumption. Subsidies for renewable energy and energy efficiency have increased in 2020, according to Agerpres.

This year’s report is published in the context of rising energy prices in Europe and around the world, largely driven by rising gas prices.

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