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E.ON: New solution so that the hospitals in Timișoara continue to benefit from a thermal agent

27 October 2021
District Heating

Given that Colterm Timișoara and local authorities have not yet been able to identify solutions to continue the supply of heat and hot water for consumers with which Colterm has a contract, one of the viable options is to conclude supply contracts with each of those institutions. of natural gas, to be delivered through the existing distribution network, say E.ON.

”In this sense, E.ON Energie Romania reiterates the solution proposed so far, that of directly supplying natural gas to hospitals whose operation is difficult in such conditions, based on contracts concluded with each unit. Our company thus responds to the call made by doctors in Timisoara to find alternative solutions so that these hospitals continue to benefit from heat and hot water and patients do not suffer from their lack. This solution can be quickly implemented in those units that have their own thermal power plants and which, thus, will be able to continue their normal activity. We express our hope that together we can quickly find solutions considering that concluding a new contract with Colterm is not feasible,” officials add.

E.ON Energie Romania has decided not to renew the gas supply contract to the district heating company considering the considerable historical debts and the lack of any feasible perspective for the cold season.

In recent months, the supply of natural gas to Colterm has been based on very short-term contracts, with advance payment, conditions that have not been met most of the time. Even so, the current debts of Colterm SA continued to increase, reaching a current value of over 12 million lei, increasing to about 76 million lei the total debts accumulated in recent years.

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