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Engie calls on the EU for clear instructions on the payment of Russian gas

9 May 2022

French utility Engie is still paying in euro for Russian gas, according to its contracts, and hopes to receive clear instructions from the European Commission soon, as some companies are facing payment deadlines this month, said the GM Catherine MacGregor, according to Reuters.

“We need clarity and detailed EC instructions on possible payment solutions. What we need from the EU is clarity,” Catherine MacGregor told a conference on renewable energy.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called on countries he described as “unfriendly” after the invasion of Ukraine to implement a scheme to open a Gazprombank account and to make payments in euros or dollars for imports of natural gas, which will be converted into Russian rubles, according to Agerpres.

Last week, Gazprom completely stopped deliveries of natural gas to Poland and Bulgaria, in the absence of payments in rubles from the two countries for the delivery of fuel.

Earlier, MacGregor had told RTL radio that Engie was “still paying in euros” and was working on a solution to Moscow’s demands, while the company’s stockpile was high.

Engie, like other European companies, is preparing for a possible cut in Russian gas supplies to Europe, diversifying its supply sources and importing “massive” liquefied natural gas (LNG). The company recently entered into a 15-year LNG purchase agreement with the US company NextDecade Corp.

Extending to the renewable energy segment is also another part of Engie’s response, MacGregor said.

Russian gas is responsible for 20% of Engie’s deliveries and 40% of Europe’s gas needs.

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