Energy suppliers pay a green certificate not acquired with 539 lei


Energy suppliers will pay 539 lei per green certificate not acquired in 2016 according to the annual mandatory quota shows an order of ANRE. For green certificates not acquired last year, an actor in the energy market pays a penalty of 534.07 lei. Amounts paid for these debts go to the Environment Fund Administration (AFM).

For the past year, ANRE published at the end of March an initial list of 49 companies that had not met their quota purchase, with Romenergy, Energy Distribution Services and EFT Furnizare at the top of the list with arrears of between 84,442 and 28,458 green certificates not acquired. However, after processing of all data submitted by companies especially in the last days of statutory periods, the list went down to just 16 companies with debts to purchase green certificates.

Now, the minimum price allowed by ANRE for a green certificate on OPCOM is about 132.4 lei and the maximum price is approximately 269.7 lei. In other words, energy providers will pay for each outstanding green certificate a price two times higher than the maximum price of a green certificate traded on the centralized market.

For 2016, the share of renewable energy mandatory quota benefiting from green certificates is 12.15% of gross final consumption of electricity. The approved level of the mandatory quota for 2016 envisages achieving the national objective of energy from renewable sources in gross final consumption of energy and was established under the scenarios submitted by the National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE).

This objective will be achieved by limiting the sale of green certificates by the producers of electricity from renewable sources at a value of about 60% of all certificates issued, according to a decision of the Government.


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