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Energy Minister: Prosumers will not pay new taxes

6 December 2022

Prosumers will not pay new taxes, as circulated in the public space, and the emergency ordinance referred to in media is actually the transposition of a directive that mentions the possibility of introducing such a tax, from 2026, under certain conditions, said on Monday the Minister of Energy, Virgil Popescu, in a press conference.

“We have implemented a directive on renewable energy, through which prosumers can install their panels in several locations and can benefit from the same compensation and exchange between locations, which was not provided until now, only if they have the same distribution network. It is something that the prosumers have been asking for for a long time. Failure to implement the directive would have meant sanctions, we were already in the referral procedure to the Court of Justice,” said Popescu.

According to him, the fact that there is talk in the public space about the introduction of a tax ”on sun” is fake news.

“No tax is introduced, prosumers will pay absolutely no tax for the energy consumed and produced,” the minister emphasized, according to Agerpres.

He explained that it is about the implementation of a directive that mentions this possibility, but that the Ministry of Energy will never support the introduction of such a tax.

“Under certain conditions, there is a possibility that when the number of consumers is very high and reaches 8% of the capacity of the SEN (national energy system – n.r.) based on studies that the regulatory authority will do at that time, this is very unlikely , from 2026, then the Government can introduce a tax. It is very clear: it might introduce, so there’s not a tax from tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, from next year, two years from now or three years from now. The Ministry of Energy will never support the establishment of such a tax,” Popescu pointed out.

Implementing a directive that mentions a possibility is one thing and introducing a tax is another, the official said.

“There will be no tax for prosumers, this is certain. The Ciucă Government supports prosumers. The ordinance was in public debate. No one wants this tax and no one will pay such a tax,” added the minister.

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