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Energy Efficient House program offers subsidies of 60% and a maximum of 15,000 euro

16 September 2020
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About 9,000 Romanians can benefit from 15,000 euro each for energy efficiency in homes, through the Energy Efficient House financing program, launched this week, according to a statement of the Ministry of Environment.

The program has a budget of 430 million lei and approximately 9,000 homeowners in Romania will be able to make their homes more energy efficient. AFM subsidizes up to 60% of the investment, according to Agerpres.

The aim of the program is to reduce the energy consumption of Romanians’ homes and greenhouse gas emissions.

“The Energy Efficient House is one of the programs I care about a lot and it will help the population, the economy and the environment a lot. Most houses are not well insulated. That’s why energy losses reach up to 30% through the walls, 25% through windows or roofs. It is known that today the building sector is one of the largest consumers of energy and the largest source of greenhouse gases. Our program has a large environmental component, but also a economic and social one: such an investment leads to a halving of energy bills and, implicitly, to a reduction in national energy consumption,” says Minister Costel Alexe.

Eligible expenditures of the “Energy Efficient House” Program concern the installation of insulating windows, roof insulation, exterior walls, installation of a more efficient power plants, solar panels, ventilation systems, LED lighting fixtures, motion sensors, taps and new pipes and so on. The condition of the project’s eligibility is that the energy efficiency of the house to increase, after its implementation, by at least one energy class.

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