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EnergoBit has almost 8,000 MW of renewable projects in the works

17 October 2022

The EnergoBit company from Cluj is involved in the construction of energy generation projects from renewable sources of almost 8,000 MW, currently in execution at the national level, said Mihaela Coroiu, director of marketing strategy at EnergoBit, during the conference “New wave of renewables”, organized by Energynomics.

“We played an important role in the first wave of renewables, when we saw 4,400 MW installed nationally. In half of these projects, EnergoBit was involved on the execution side. Now, in the second wave of renewables, we are involved in a double number of projects”, said Coroiu.

The company from Cluj was involved in the first wave of renewables, in projects of 2,000 MW installed in units of wind farms, photovoltaics, micro hydro plants and small cogeneration plants.

EnergoBit continues to maintain some of the wind projects it installed in the first wave and has “learned its lesson” for what it will mean to put the new renewable units into operation.

“It is a responsibility we assume for the second wave, everything we did wrong in the first wave teaches us how to correct for the new period”, added Coroiu.

For the second wave of renewables, EnergoBit has, in various phases of development, onshore (1,200 MW) and offshore (500 MW) wind projects, photovoltaic plants (4,200 MW), hydro plants (12 MW) and gas plants (1,770 MW).


According to Coroiu, the solution for lowering energy prices consists of three elements, namely digitalization, decarbonization and decentralization.

The conference New wave of renewables was organized by Energynomics with the support of our partners: ABB, BCR, Eaton Electric, EnergoBit, EnergoPower, Enevo Group, Phoenix Contact, Photomate, REI Group, Simtel, Volt, Wiren.

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