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Ella Șipeţan: Banks are not interested enough in financing energy efficiency projects

22 March 2023

Citizens, private companies and public institutions in Timișoara want to invest in measures to increase the energy efficiency of buildings, but the banks do not grant them financing.

“Unfortunately, the banks are not too interested in financing energy efficiency works, only two responded to the request of the Timișoara town hall. We have construction companies, architects, installation companies, the technical side is involved, but from the financial side there are very big problems because they don’t want collaboration”, said Ella Sipețan, senior counselor at the Timișoara City Hall, at the conference “Digitalization and energy efficiency – Timișoara”, organized by Energynomics.

Timișoara City Hall has created the first one-stop shop in Romania for those who want to get involved in the renovation of buildings. More info HERE!

Although it wants to be a mediator between citizens and private companies, the latter “do not have enough trust in public institutions”. “There is probably a trauma over time with unfinished contracts, but we have to do everything possible to overcome them. At the same time, private companies should also take a step towards public institutions and help us because in the last instance, we collaborate for the good of all”, added the councilor.

She stated that in Europe there is an enormous building renovation market with a market value of 1 billion euros, and the residential sector represents 65%. That is why it is necessary for Timișoara to get involved in this field at the level of the residential sector.

“I, as a [representative of a] local authority, don’t feel happy if my city doesn’t have something more than the rest,” Sipețan continued.

Last but not least, the mentality of the citizens must change, because the stage in which “the state must give” must be overcome.

“Ordinary citizens want to make their [properties] more efficient, but it’s a mindset issue. They were used to the state having to give them money. We give as much as we can, but you also have to think about yourself. You don’t always have to [someone else] do it for you. We put at your fingertips the necessary levers to do it yourself”, said the senior adviser.

The conference “Digitalization and energy efficiency – Timișoara” was organised by Energynomics with the support of our partners BCR, Finder, Lapp România, REI Group, Volt.

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