Electrica has successfully completed the merger of FISE Electrica Serv and Servicii Energetice Muntenia


Electrica announced the successful completion of the merger of the two energy services companies within the Group, namely the Electrica Serv SA Maintenance and Energy Services Branch (FISE Electrica Serv) and Muntenia SA Energy Services (SEMU). Thus, from December 1, 2020, the energy services of the Group will be carried out only under the umbrella of FISE Electrica Serv.

”Electrica wants to become a strong provider of integrated energy services, optimized in terms of costs, with internal capabilities and partnerships to ensure flexibility and agility. We are convinced that the synergies resulting from the merger of the two service companies will help the Group in achieving its strategic objectives,” said Corina Popescu, General Manager of Electrica.

The merger between FISE Electrica Serv SA and SEMU lays the foundations for a more flexible, more efficient structure that allows the development of a coherent investment plan, correlated with the needs and opportunities in the market, as well as the application of a unique personnel policy and the creation of new professional opportunities.

The merger involves the unification of the management process of the activities currently carried out by the two companies, which will lead to substantial savings and will allow the development of a single strategy for this segment.

At the same time, the new company is based on a very well-trained team – a total of 730 employees, of which over 550 are dedicated to technical activities – and will benefit from greater territorial mobility and a complex equipment park, adapted to an extensive range of maintenance and investment works, both for domestic customers and for those in the business segment.


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