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Electrica Furnizare – 200 kW solar project for Labormed Pharma – Zentiva

6 December 2022

Electrica Furnizare strengthens its position in the energy services and solutions market by starting a new partnership with Zentiva Romania for the implementation of a turnkey photovoltaic solution at the production and storage unit in Bucharest. The 372 photovoltaic modules will cover part of the beneficiary’s electricity consumption and will help reduce CO2 emissions by 50 tons per year, Electrica announced.

“Electrica Furnizare continues expanding its partnerships in the energy solutions and services market, aiming for a constant contribution to the sustainable development of all industries in Romania. We are a representative company for the energy industry at the national level, being interested in supporting the transition to energy focused on renewable sources that involve low carbon emissions. We are happy with the choice made by our partner, Zentiva Romania, part of the international pharmaceutical group Zentiva, regarding the implementation of a turnkey project that will produce green energy and reduce operational costs. We aim to expand this partnership by developing new products and concepts in the operational area, so as to continue contributing to the sustainable development of our partners,” said Iulian Matei, director of the Electrica Furnizare Key-Customer Department.

The installation of the 372 photovoltaic modules of 540Wp was carried out on the roof of the production and storage unit in Bucharest of Labormed Pharma, the installed power being 200 kW.

“The own energy production capacity that we are inaugurating is part of the Zentiva Group’s commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. The investment made directly contributes to the operational objectives of reducing carbon emissions and obtaining energy from renewable sources renewable. In a practical and measurable way, the installed system will help us reduce CO2 emissions at the Labormed factory by 50 tons. In the process of fulfilling the company’s mission to increase patient access to modern, effective medicines, the company consumes energy, water and other resources. However, we are responsible to act in such a way as to reduce our impact in order to preserve a green, healthy and sustainable planet for us and future generations, including contributing to the protection and reconstruction of biodiversity,” said Margareta Tănase, Director of Industrial Operations, Zentiva Romania.

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