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Ministry of Energy has under review PNRR projects worth 1 bln. euro

6 December 2022

The Ministry of Energy is analyzing projects worth a total of one billion euros, which would be financed through PNRR, for the development of capacities to produce electricity from renewable sources, hydrogen and energy in high efficiency cogeneration, said, on Monday, Dan Drăgan, secretary of state within the institution.

“Through the National Recovery and Resilience Plan we have approximately 1.6 billion euro, and through the Modernization Fund, which extends until 2030, the allocations are currently, at the value of the carbon dioxide certificate, approximately 16 billion euro. From these allocations, projects of approximately one billion euro of PNRR are already under analysis, for the production of energy from renewable sources and the production of hydrogen and high-efficiency cogeneration,” said Drăgan, according to Agerpres.

Amounts worth 2.5 billion euro have already been allocated to the Modernization Fund and it is expected that, in the first quarter of next year, the Ministry of Energy will come up with new calls for projects worth 2 – 2.3 billion euro.

“The capacities that can be put into operation quickly are the renewable ones. We hope that through these capacities that Romania will put into operation in the next 2-3 years, we will have new amounts of electricity generated by the new production capacities that will ensure a fair price and to be able to export not only electricity, but also regional security,” added Drăgan.

He emphasized that, at this moment, Romania is helping the Republic of Moldova with the supply of electricity so that our neighbors can overcome the difficult period they are going through.

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