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Electric cars will be the biggest energy consumers of the future

10 October 2022

The challenge of the future will be represented by power generation capacity and covering energy consumption, which will grow strongly as more and more electric vehicles will be on the market, said Constantin Ichimoaei, Executive Manager, ABB Romania, during the conference “New wave of renewables”, organized by Energynomics.

“The big challenge is the production and consumption of energy. The share of conventional energy is decreasing and the big test will come from the mass introduction of electric vehicles and high consumptions. Electric cars will be the biggest consumers of energy in the future,” Ichimoaei said.

Along with these changes, the electrical grid will also undergo radical transformations. If in the past electricity production was centralized and the traditional network was unidirectional, the network of the future, which is “already available today”, involves the integration of renewable energy sources, the integration of prosumers and the consumption of electric vehicles. That is why a continuous and reliable power supply to the network is necessary.

According to Ichimoaei, ABB Group has had discussions with many potential investors in the renewable energy sector, interested in both the power generation and energy consumption side.


“There are investors who have an appetite to also invest in EV charging stations to maximize the investment, so we are talking about a double investment, in the production and consumption of electricity. We are not talking about EV chargers with small capacities of 10-15 kW, but large units of 180 or 360 kW, and we are also talking about high powers on the production side,” he said.

The ABB Group, with annual revenues of 29 billion dollars, is active in more than 100 countries and has 105,000 employees.

The conference New wave of renewables was organized by Energynomics with the support of our partners: ABB, BCR, Eaton Electric, EnergoBit, EnergoPower, Enevo Group, Phoenix Contact, Photomate, REI Group, Simtel, Volt, Wiren.

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