EGPR and Monsson sign an 800 mil. euro agreement for over 1.000 MW of wind and solar projects


Bogdan Tudorache

In early 2021, Enel Green Power Romania signed a Joint Development Agreement for a portfolio of projects exceeding 1.000 MW with Monsson Alma, member of Monsson Group, according to a release received by Monsson officials did not offer any further information.

The projects will be ready to build in the course of the next 3 years and are expected to cover more than 500 MW of wind power plants and more than 500 MW of solar PV. In addition to the wind and photovoltaic plants, the Joint Development Agreement foresees also the development of more than 300 MW of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), a technology that is expected to contribute to the transition of the country toward a more sustainable energy mix.

Taking into account the fact that 1 MW of wind requires investments of about 1-1.1 million euros, 1 MW of solar, about 550-650,000 euros, and 1 MW of storage – about 200,000 euros, a total value of the projects can be approximated at more than 800 million euros, according to sources.

“We are proud to start our collaboration with a major partner such as Enel Green Power, a leading investor in Romania’s energy sector and the World leader in Renewable energies,” says Cătălin Mrejeru, Director of Monsson Alma.

“Together we will work to modernize the country’s energy generation sector by harnessing Romania’s huge renewable energy potential, fostering economic growth and supporting a sustainable future.”

Romania, as the majority of the European countries, aims to increasing its energy production capacity, mainly from renewable energy sources. Therefore, the next years are of great importance in clarifying the status of PPAs and legislation related to land use for construction of power plants. Monsson aims to develop and build more than 2.500 MW both of wind and solar PV power plants in the next 10 years.


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