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E.ON supports the “Tailor your future” project of the Day of Good Association

3 August 2021
General Interest

E.ON supports the “Tailor your future” project of the Day of Good Association, which helps institutionalized young women and 10 other disadvantaged families to train professionally.

Within the project, three camps will be organized, in which young women who are preparing to leave the placement centers will learn to cut and use the sewing machine. Those who meet the age criteria and graduated studies will be able to obtain a professional qualification in the field of tailoring, following the participation in an accredited course.

The program targets 54 institutionalized young women, aged between 14 and 22, from placement centers in Bucharest, Prahova, Galați, Iași, Botoșani and Timiș, who will participate in three tailoring camps, and another 10 young women from families without possibilities from Bihor county, who will participate in tailoring courses at the local social center.

The necessary budget for the implementation of this project is 35,000 euros and is provided by the strategic partners of the Association: Lidl Romania, EON Romania Group and UniCredit Bank.

“Separation from family, abandonment, abuse and institutionalization make many children and young people in foster care very vulnerable. In order to gain confidence in their strengths, they need people who offer them, with patience and perseverance, unconditional acceptance and constant encouragement, but also experiences through which to develop their skills and see the results of their work. We are confident that the “Tailor your future” program will help young people to acquire new skills that will make it easier for them to find a job in the future, but also easier integration into society,” said Melania Medeleanu and Luciana Zaharia, the founders Day of Good Association.


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