E.ON Romania: It will be a challenge to ensure the gas consumption of the population if we have a bad winter


Ensuring the gas consumption of household customers and heat generating plants will be a challenge if the next winter will be a difficult one, and gas suppliers will not receive the necessary quantities in time, said representatives of E.ON Romania.

They were asked what effects the gas market will have in the winter, after ANRE’s decision to reduce regulated prices by 5% from July 1.

“If the capping of the price to 68 lei / MWh will increase the consumption of the households and the producers of thermal energy, it is possible to increase the winter imports to cover the consumption needs of the market. We also believe that covering the consumption of household customers and heat producers will be a challenge if winter will be a difficult one and we will not be provided early enough to fully cover the necessary quantities of domestic production to cover consumption of these customers,” said E.ON, quoted by Agerpres.

The National Regulatory Authority for Energy decided on Monday to reduce gas prices by more than 5% on average for all regulated households.


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  1. Poate ne explica specialisti EON ROMANIA, care este legatura dintre scaderea pretului gazelor naturale pentru cantitatea reglementata si necesarul (cantitatea) de gaze naturale care trebuie asigurata.S-ar putea sa fi gasit dansii formula magica si nu ar fi rau sa ne spuna si noua,ma refer la pensionari in primul rand.In rest ce sa zicem,,la un necesar de gaze naturale la 50% din cel asigurat pana in 1990,este intradevar o problema grea.

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