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E.ON Energie and Oncos completed a smart lighting project of over 500,000 euro

15 March 2023

E.ON Energie Romania completed, at the poultry meat producer Oncos Transilvania in Cluj county, one of the largest smart lighting projects in Romania, within a partnership worth over 500,000 euros.

Among the benefits of the new lighting system are the reduction of electricity costs, the increase in the quality of light, respectively the comfort in the work environment. Thus, the existing interior lighting system was replaced with a modern one, by implementing the E.ON Lighting intelligent lighting solution, an efficient solution based on fixtures with LED technology and intelligent, wireless control systems.

The classic lighting fixtures in the 45 broiler sheds (chickens) from the Corușu, Gilău, Jucu, Lomb (Cluj county) and Panic (Sălaj county) farms were replaced with around 1,800 modern, LED lighting fixtures built-in. In this way, the company will reduce its carbon emissions by more than 230 tons/year and its energy consumption by more than 70%.

“Sustainability is at the center of our concerns and initiatives and that is why we support our partners with projects, products and innovative energy solutions aimed at reducing carbon emissions and at the same time energy consumption. Through everything we do, we want to contribute to the creation of a greener, more sustainable future,” said Claudia Griech, general director of E.ON Energie Romania.

“We established ourselves on the market as a poultry meat producer that opted for feeding and raising broilers as close as possible to the traditional ones. I confidently recommend involvement in such projects that bring clear benefits both in terms of reducing electricity costs and reducing the carbon footprint,” said Vasile Onaca, president of the ONCOS group.

The new lighting system complies with the strict lighting conditions imposed at an international level by the guide for Aviagen broiler breeders. Therefore, an electronic control system of the lighting level will be implemented, depending on the growth stages of the broilers. The control system is very easy to install and operate in farms, because it ensures the transmission of commands by radio signal (wireless), thus not requiring the installation of additional cables for data transmission. Also, the system allows automation of this process and almost completely eliminates human intervention.

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