E.ON, after the Competition fine: Delgaz Grid’s behavior didn’t have negative effects in the market


Delgaz Grid’s behavior, for which the company was fined by 6.1 million euro by the Competition Council for abuse of a dominant position, did not have negative effects in the market, according to a response of the company, sent on Monday, at the request of Agerpres.

Delgaz Grid, the gas and electricity network company of the E.ON Romania group, took note of the decision of the Competition Council and will pay the fine ordered in this case, in accordance with its obligations, according to the law.

During this investigation, the company fully cooperated with the authorities in an open and transparent manner, providing all the documents and information necessary to clarify the analyzed case, say Delgaz representatives.

“Beyond its obligation to cooperate with the authority, the company has made available to the Competition Council a solid economic report that demonstrates the absence of any negative effects of Delgaz Grid’s behavior in the market,” company officials said.

Delgaz Grid has implemented and continues to implement significant pro-consumer measures recognizing their importance for the business environment. Delgaz Grid supports both the development of preventive compliance programs in the field of competition and the constant promotion of consumer rights, being fully engaged in the digitalization of its operations.

“We also specify that the situation investigated by the Competition Council is older, since 2015, and our company has already taken measures, long ago, to correct it. Delgaz Grid reaffirms its commitment to the application of competition rules and all rules and the regulations that are applicable to it in the activities it carries out,” it is also specified in the company’s answer.

The Competition Council sanctioned the company Delgaz Grid, a member of the E.ON group, with a fine of about 30 million lei (approximately 6.1 million euro) for abuse of a dominant position on the market of services related to natural gas distribution, respectively on the market of technical verification and revision services of Natural Gas Utilization Installations (IUGN) in its distribution area, according to a release of the Competition authority.


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