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4ENVIGO forms partnership with MC General Construct, the solar project market – estimated at 22 bln. euro

25 April 2024

4ENVIGO, a company specialized in transition solutions to renewable energy, announces the signing of a strategic partnership with MC General Construct Engineering, a leader in engineering services and installation design that includes energy modeling of buildings. The two companies offer a wide range of quality services, from modern technologies used worldwide in the field of construction, to the turnkey delivery of complex renewable energy projects, dedicated to large energy consumers in the private and public sectors.

Romania has more than 5.6 million buildings and an area of industrial spaces exceeding 7 million square meters on which photovoltaic panel systems can be installed, offering a potential estimated at 24 billion USD (22.5 billion Euro) of about 28 GW of green energy . In a market with a very high potential for development in the coming years, the two companies propose an integrated package of services for energy consumers in the real estate, production, agriculture industries, but also for the public sector, in the transition to energy sustainability and alignment to the new European regulations.

In the European Union, 75% of buildings are energy inefficient, being responsible for 40% of energy consumption and 36% of greenhouse gas emissions. The decarbonisation targets at European level, established by FIT for 55, REPowerEU and REDII (Renewable Energy Directive II) aim to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030 and achieve climate neutrality by 2050. As member state, Romania has committed to reach a share of consumption from renewable energy sources of 42.5% by 2030 and 89.9% by 2050, a strategy that involves the development of a capacity of 11.1 GW of solar energy by 2030.

“Through this partnership, we are one step closer to our mission to support the modernization of the built environment, in a clean and sustainable energy landscape for future generations. I am glad that we can add integrated services to our customers’ offer that also include the energy modeling of buildings, offered at the highest quality standards and aligned with the European legislation in force,” said Andrei Ivan, managing director of 4ENVIGO.

4Envigo has over 16 years of experience in the implementation of sustainable projects in Romania, being a one-stop-shop for companies that want to transition to renewable energy sources, from consultancy in the development of ESG strategy and training programs in the sustainability of the built environment, to to solutions for design, dimensioning, engineering, procurement, installation, operation, monitoring and maintenance of intelligent climate systems.

“We discovered in 4ENVIGO the same values and orientation towards quality. The services we offer are complementary and each offers a unique set of skills and knowledge, for the benefit of the customers of both companies,” added Marian Cernovschi, general manager of MC General Construct.

MC General Construct Engineering has over 20 years of international experience in energy modeling of buildings and 100 engineers specialized exclusively in the field of design of construction facilities. The company uses state-of-the-art software and methodologies to create accurate and detailed simulations of energy consumption, thermal performance, natural lighting simulations, heating and cooling load calculations, thermal comfort analysis, and environmental impact.


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