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Drăgan: We do not have a problem in ensuring the continuity of coal supply

1 November 2022

Romania relies 20% on the production of electricity based on fossil fuels and there is no problem for ensuring the continuity in the supply of the necessary coal, stated Dan Dragoş Drăgan, State Secretary in the Ministry of Energy.

“Certainly, in the balanced energy mix that Romania has, 20% is based on electricity production based on the use of fossil resources. And here I am mainly referring to the Oltenia Energy Complex, which uses the lignite extracted in the quarries on that operate them. Winter stocks, as they have been defined, are more than 99% realized. We do not have a problem ensuring continuity in the supply of coal for electricity generation and we are currently using all necessary resources to balance the national energy system and ensure its safe and resilient operation”, Drăgan said at the briefing at the end of the Government meeting, according to Agerpres.

He emphasized that the mines are in the process of being operated by the Oltenia Energy Complex, there is no process of closing them and, especially in the current regional situation, their exploitation continues according to the company’s technical and commercial analysis.

“Everything that is necessary to be in operation and in operation to be able to ensure the resilience and functioning in satisfactory and normal conditions of the National Energy System will be in operation. (…) All the activities that must be maintained in order to have the necessary electricity to be supplied to final consumers will continue to operate under current normal conditions,” the state secretary pointed out.

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