Distribuție Oltenia organized over 6,300 actions against the theft of electricity


Distribuție Oltenia organized over 6,300 actions to prevent and combat the phenomenon of illegal connection to the electricity distribution network between January and March 2021.

The phenomenon has a high risk of fires, property damage and loss of life and has a direct impact on the quality of electricity supply to consumers, according to a company statement.

Stealing electricity from the low voltage network is a risk both for those who connect illegally and for consumers in the neighborhood. Any unauthorized intervention, as well as the use of improvised installations can always lead to serious accidents or fires, leading to loss of life and significant property damage.

In addition, fraudulent energy consumption influences the quality of services, causes voltage variations and power outages, thus causing discomfort especially for people who consume electricity with concluded electricity supply contracts and complying with the legal provisions in force.

The specialized departments within Oltenia Distribution organize actions in collaboration with the specialized bodies of the Police in the line of preventing and combating the criminal character of the facts.

In the 7 counties where Oltenia Distribution operates, 6,319 consumption places were verified and 691 cases were identified after suspicions of illicit electricity consumption.


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