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Delgaz Grid: Investment of 79 mln. lei in network and smart metering

10 January 2023
General Interest

Delgaz Grid, a company of the E.ON Romania Group, obtained a new European co-financing for a project of almost 79 million lei aimed at modernizing the network and implementing an intelligent distribution system for customers in Neamț county.

As part of the project, over 11,000 smart meters will be installed, and the low-voltage distribution network will be modernized over a length of approximately 280 km. At the same time, the necessary equipment for the operation of the intelligent distribution system will be installed.

The low-voltage distribution network in the localities included in the project will be modernized along a length of almost 280 km, which represents 90% of the existing network in the areas subject to the investment. The main works consist of the replacement of more than 2,000 network poles and the installation of almost 1,500 branch poles, conductor replacement, the installation of new transformer stations, the installation of 52 new distribution boards.

The investment, with a total value of almost 79 million lei, is co-financed with over 43 million lei from the European Regional Development Fund – REACT EU (through the Large Infrastructure Operational Program 2014-2020, Priority Axis 10: Increasing energy efficiency and the use of renewable sources of energy in order to prepare a green, digital and resilient recovery of the economy), our company’s contribution being over 35.5 million lei (VAT included).

Company officials claim that accessing European funding sources is a priority for the Delgaz Grid company, in order to achieve the objectives of modernization and digitization of the distribution infrastructure. At the moment, six projects worth about 254.5 million lei without VAT (about 51.9 million euros), with financing of 182.3 million lei (about 37.2 million euros), are in different stages of implementation.

Three projects involving the modernization of five transformer stations in Vaslui County, two in Botoșani County and two in Suceava County are currently in various phases of implementation for the purpose of taking over electricity produced from renewable resources.

Three other projects, aimed at modernizing the distribution network and installing smart meters for consumers, are underway in the municipalities of Iași and Suceava, but also in Neamț county.

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