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Dacia School in Oradea – energy consumption reduced by 50% after thermal rehabilitation

1 February 2022

Dacia Gymnasium School in Oradea was thermally rehabilitated in a project to increase energy efficiency carried out by Oradea City Hall. The works, worth about 9 million lei, were executed by the association of companies formed by Conpila SRL – leader of the association and Inselma SRL.

The building has become energy efficient, announces Transilvania Business, as the annual primary energy consumption reduced by at least 50% compared to the initial consumption. Greenhouse gas emissions have been reduced to 16 kg/sqm/year.

The works consisted of thermal insulation of the facade, installation of PVC joinery, Low E, equipped with adjustable step closure systems and ventilation grilles. At the same time, the rehabilitation of the power supply and lighting system was carried out by rehabilitating the electrical installations, respectively the replacement of the existing panels with new high-performance and reliable equipment. They are equipped with protections for the safe service of vital consumers. Fluorescent and incandescent luminaires have also been replaced with high energy efficiency and long life luminaires: LED bulbs and the installation of luminaires with presence sensors. Inside the project, the heating system and the hot water supply system were modernized by replacing the radiators with fan coil units, being rehabilitated and modernized the heating distribution system. Alternative systems for the production of electricity and heat for own consumption have been installed, consisting of the installation of photovoltaic solar panels for the production of electricity and heat recuperators that operate both in winter and summer. To ensure indoor air quality, the air conditioning/ventilation/cooling system with an air-to-water heat pump chiller has been installed.

The project also developed the automation, control and monitoring system and the integrated system type BMS (Building Management System) which will manage the heating/cooling, ventilation and lighting. Fire detection, signalling and alarm installations were carried out, as well as works to increase the access of people with disabilities.

In addition to the works to increase the energy efficiency of the Dacia Gymnasium School, interior rehabilitation works were also carried out, managed by the Heritage Department.

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