Chiriţoiu: Unifying the Competition Council with ANRE, ANPC and ANCOM could take place


The integration into a single structure of the Competition Council, ANRE, the National Authority for Consumer Protection (ANPC) and the Telecommunications Regulator (ANCOM) can take place and bring savings, but the opportunity and weaknesses of such an action must be analyzed, said the president Competition Council, Bogdan Chiriţoiu.

“There are such groups of institutions in several states in the European Union. You do this either when you want to save money, or when you have certain malfunctions that you would like to correct. But we must be careful that such a process has positive effects, whether we are talking about the economy or we are talking about increasing the efficiency of the organization. There is also a danger if you put together several different organizations, that the decision-making process will be difficult,” Chiriţoiu said, quoted by

“This grouping of institutions can be done, if the Parliament and the Government want, but it must be done carefully. An example in Romania would be ASF which united 3 supervisory institutions (private pensions, insurance, capital market). You and the experts judge what went well and what went wrong. That’s how we realize the benefits and the potential disadvantages,” he added.


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