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Call center and CRM services will continue to play an important role in the energy industry

28 March 2023

The energy industry, like all others, is during a digitalization process, in which the end audience for companies and public authorities has grown accustomed to and expects services to be delivered at a distance, without physical presence, and instantly, via simple and user-friendly interfaces. InfraGroup is a company that provides call center services, including energy companies. We talked to Andrei Florea, CEO of the company, about the solutions offered by InfraGroup. We talked to the CEO of the company, Andrei Florea.


Dear Mr. Andrei Florea, what are the main challenges you have met in the field of call-center services in which you operate?

In the context of digitalization in the energy industry and changes in consumer behavior, InfraGroup faced several challenges in providing call center services.

One of the main challenges is the need to adapt to new technologies and communication tools, so that we can provide modern and efficient services for our customers. We have also experienced difficulties in ensuring the data security and confidentiality of our customers’ information given its importance and sensitivity.

Another important challenge is the need to constantly develop our skills and knowledge to be able to meet the needs and expectations of our customers in the energy industry. That is why we have invested in the training and development of our team of specialists to be able to offer customized solutions adapted to the needs of our customers.

In addition, another challenge is to maintain a high level of service quality and customer satisfaction in a competitive environment. That is why we are constantly attentive to the feedback of our customers and constantly adapt our services to improve them and ensure that they meet their needs and expectations.


What role do you think call center and CRM services will play in the future of the industry and what does InfraGroup offer in this changing landscape of the energy industry in Romania?

Call center and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) services will continue to play an important role in the industry, as they are essential to ensure effective communication and a good relationship between companies and customers. However, a significant change could be the implementation of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and automation to provide faster and more personalized solutions for customers.

InfraGroup, being a company active in the energy industry in Romania, can offer call-center and CRM solutions for its customers, to improve communication and relationship with them. For example, InfraGroup may use call automation technologies and chatbots to quickly respond to callers’ questions and provide personalized information. InfraGroup can also implement CRM solutions to monitor and manage customer interactions and provide better and more efficient service.

In conclusion, call center and CRM services will continue to be important in the energy industry, and InfraGroup can offer innovative solutions to improve communication and relationship with its customers.


Can you give us some examples of companies in the energy industry that belong to InfraGroup’s portfolio? What solutions have you applied for them?

Infra Group has a wide range of clients in the energy industry, including power generation and distribution companies, natural gas suppliers, oil and gas companies and more, but I can’t give you examples.

For these customers, Infra Group offers customized solutions such as a call center and dispatch services available 24/7 to ensure a high level of technical support and effective communication.

We have also developed customized software solutions including CRM solutions and process automation solutions that have helped our clients improve their operations and provide better service in turn.


I saw that you also work for ANRE. Please give us more details!

Yes, InfraGroup collaborates with the National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE) to help fulfill its general objectives of protecting consumers by ensuring an efficient competitive market and supporting vulnerable customers.

As part of our collaboration with ANRE, we offer call-center services to provide clear and complete information to end consumers regarding their rights and changing electricity or natural gas suppliers. We also provide technical support and assistance to vulnerable customers to ensure they receive quality service and enjoy a positive experience with their energy suppliers. It is important to note that, for reasons of confidentiality, we cannot provide specific examples of our collaboration with ANRE.


How does InfraGroup ensure that its call center services meet the needs and expectations of energy industry clients and their customers?

Ensuring customer satisfaction in the energy industry is a priority for InfraGroup. To ensure that our call center services are in line with the needs and expectations of customers in this industry, we conduct regular market research and analyze feedback from callers. We use this information to constantly improve the quality of our services and to adapt to the evolution of the energy industry and its customers’ expectations.

We also collaborate closely with companies in this industry to understand the needs of their customers and develop customized solutions for each of them.

InfraGroup constantly adapts its services to meet the needs and expectations of energy industry clients and their customers. In addition, we are always looking for innovative and effective solutions to provide the most pleasant and simple experience for our customers, through simple and friendly interfaces.


What new technologies or tools are you exploring to improve customer experience and increase operational performance?

In terms of our call center and customer-care services, we constantly strive to use new technologies and tools that improve the customer experience and increase operational performance.

These include call automation technologies that allow our customers to interact with a virtual assistant to resolve their issues faster and more efficiently. We also use data analytics technologies to identify trends and customer behavior patterns so that we can continually improve our services.

To improve the customer experience and ensure that we are adequately responding to their needs, we have also implemented monitoring and feedback tools that allow us to evaluate the performance of our call center agents and obtain customer feedback on quality our services. These tools allow us to quickly identify issues and resolve them effectively so that our customers are always satisfied with our services.


What are Infra Group’s plans to expand its services to new customers or markets in this sector?

Infra Group wants to expand its call-center and customer-care services to new customers in the energy industry, both in Romania and in other European markets.

Currently, the company is focusing its efforts on strengthening its position on the local market and developing strategic partnerships with companies in the energy industry.

At the same time, Infra Group is also exploring the possibility of expanding its services to other sectors, such as financial, medical or IT&C, following market trends and needs.

The company is committed to providing personalized and innovative solutions, adapted to the specific needs of each client, with the aim of maintaining its leading position in the field of call-center and customer-care services.

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