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Burduja: New contracts and calls through the Modernization Fund, storage gets top priority

20 May 2024

The Ministry of Energy is preparing the launch of the call for the cogeneration of electricity and heat (CHP) from the Modernization Fund, for which at least two CETs from Bucharest, Grozăvesti and Progresu, will be eligible, announced the Minister of Energy, Sebastian Burduja, at an event Specialized.

“I can’t resist talking to you about Bucharest, because, unfortunately, the ELCEN situation is critical and I would be happy to discuss it more, not for an electoral purpose, but for a pure purpose objective. Of course they have accumulated some reserves and that’s why the current debt from Termoenergetica is over 1 billion lei. I don’t understand how it became five times higher than 4 years ago anyway, the situation was serious. We are preparing and will make an official announcement in the next period: the launch of the call for CHPs from the Modernization Fund. At least two CETs, namely Grozăvești and Progresu, will be eligible,” said Sebastian Burduja, quoted by Agerpres.

He emphasized that a separate application is needed for CET Sud because the investments amount to half a billion euros.

In addition, at least half a billion euros from the Modernization Fund will be for storage, given that storage is still the top priority of the national energy system, Burduja also said.

“Storage still seems to me to be the top priority of the national energy system. We are preparing a storage scheme from the Modernization Fund. Moreover, since we launched the PNRR there has been a fabulous interest in the acquisition of storage capacities, and a lesser interest in production of batteries. There is also a much more complex issue. We are relaunching that call because we are not able to reach our target, but from the Fund for Modernization, we aim to enter with the scheme in the autumn. Until then, all the steps have to be taken: notice of the Competition Council, DG Competition. It is a very ambitious calendar, but this means that sometime in the second part of the year, in October-November, realistically, we will launch the call and we expect that there will be many beneficiaries interested in storage capacities in batteries,” also said Sebastian Burduja.

At the same time, last week the Minister of Energy signed 11 financing contracts of 28.49 million lei for the installation of photovoltaic panels for the own consumption of public entities.

By signing the 11 contracts, financing for new projects is ensured, in a total amount of 28.49 million lei, with a total amount of financing from the Modernization Fund of 23.96 million lei, for a total installed capacity of 3, 71 MW.

At the same time, the thermal power plant from Iernut will be ready in December, Burduja also said.

“As far as investments in the gas area are concerned, we have everything on schedule for Neptun Deep, we have everything on schedule for Iernut. At the beginning of December – I spoke last week with the entrepreneur Duro Felguera – we are preparing to be there all of us and mark Finally, this investment. I know that Mr. Ivan (Virgiliu Ivan, director of the National Energy Agency, n.r.) is the most happy that it is in the center, in the heart of the Romanian energy system, so we will have a completed and extremely important investment: the modern gas plant at Iernut. Indeed, Mintia is also in the chart. Just the other day I saw images of the turbine of record size to be delivered to Romania – and that means 1,700 MW of installed power,” Burduja added.
















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