BRM brokered the trading of 7 mln. CO2 certificates between February and April 2021


Between February and April 2021, the Romanian Commodity Exchange BRM successfully brokered 110 transactions totaling approximately 7 million EUA certificates, greenhouse gas emission certificates, generically called CO2 certificates, BRM announced.

The trading was concluded as a result of the obligation of the thermal power plants to comply with the directive on the European Union scheme for greenhouse gas emissions for 2020, in accordance with the ceiling established at European level, until 30 April 2021. Thus, on the BRM website, initiating orders were published from 3 important bodies: Electrocentrale Bucharest, Oltenia Energy Complex and Termoficare Oradea.

Of the three thermal power plants, CEO purchased over 5.4 million certificates, followed by Electrocentrale Bucuresti with over 1.3 million certificates, while Termoficare Oradea purchased approximately 34 thousand EUA certificates.

The Ring of CO2 Certificates within the market administered by the Romanian Commodity Exchange increased in 2021, compared to 2020 when the volume of traded certificates was about 1 million.

The markets managed by BRM operate in accordance with the regulations of the stock exchange, in safe conditions for both buyers and sellers. The Romanian Commodity Exchange acted as guarantor for these transactions, the payments being made through an escrow account held by BRM, and the payment was made only upon confirmation of the transfer of certificates by the seller.

The trading sessions took place daily, within the time interval established by the contracting authority at the time of issuing the initiating order, and the transactions and quotations for each day are published on the BRM website.


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