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ANRE is preparing a new support scheme for renewables to start from 2021

24 April 2018

The National Regulatory Authority for Energy – ANRE is considering introduction of a new support scheme for renewable energy from 2021, the year when the European Commission’s agreement for the current system based on green certificates will expire. Most likely, this will be a premium feed-in system, ANRE Vice President Zoltan Nagy-Bege said at the conference “Optimizing Business in the Photovoltaic Industry”, organized by Photon Energy and in the Energy Breakfast Club format.

As a short-term solution, subject to approval in the Parliament, ANRE proposes a gradual increase in consumer contribution for renewables starting with this year. Given that about 40-50% of the green certificates issued do not find buyers, the ANRE official has estimated that this measure would increase the demand for about 1.5 million additional GCs (about 10% of the surplus estimated in present).

In order to meet Romania’s new targets for the share of renewable energy in total consumption in 2030, Zoltan Nagy-Bege said that “it is crucial to re-establish investor interest” on the basis of attractive and predictable legislation. Most likely, a final European decision on the new national targets, certainly over 30%, will be taken in the second half of this year, Zoltan Nagy-Bege estimated.

The Committee for Industries and Services of the Chamber of Deputies has scheduled for today the final discussion of the Emergency Ordinance no. 24/2017 regarding the amendment and completion of the Law no. 220/2008 establishing the system for promoting the production of energy from renewable energy sources. together with Photon Energy and the Romanian Photovoltaic Industry Association (RPIA) organized today an informal meeting for energy industry experts and decision-makers, under the umbrella of Energy Breakfast Club: “Optimizing Business in the Photovoltaic Industry.” As the age of large generating parks from renewable resources seems to have gone to Romania, existing photovoltaic parks in Romania are required to optimize their activity and to increase the life of their equipment for keeping alive the hope of recovering the investment. At the same time, new investments in photovoltaic power generation systems are required by technological improvements, and for all these experienced partners as well as maintenance, control and monitoring service providers are needed.

Experts from Photon Energy have presented proven business optimization solutions in the photovoltaic industry from a company specializing in the difficulties faced by photovoltaic park owners in Romania and in the region. More than 45 people, representing organizations such as Apuron, Caranda Batteries, CNTEE Transelectrica, Enevo Group, Fibat Energy, Repom, Samsung , Varokub Energy Development consisted a qualified and dynamic assistance.

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