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ANRE: Enel customers will have uninterrupted access to energy and gas supply

24 November 2022

The National Energy Regulatory Authority has taken measures regarding uninterrupted access to electricity and natural gas supply for end customers, according to a press release.

“Considering the information circulated in the public space today, November 22, 2022, according to which the Italian utility group Enel announced its intention to leave Romania during the year 2023, respectively, it announced a possible intention to sell of some assets belonging to the Enel group, I make it clear that this kind of situation does not imply the exit of the Enel Romania company from the energy market, but may only imply a change in the owner of the assets/change in shareholders, etc. Moreover, I mention that ANRE did not receive in any official notification from this licensed economic operator in this sense, as the law provides,” stated Dumitru Chiriță, ANRE president.

The representative of ANRE reminds that, in terms of ensuring the supply of electricity/natural gas to final customers and in the perspective of respecting their rights, ANRE has approved two normative acts that guarantee uninterrupted access to the two utilities, namely the Regulation on the supply of last resort of electricity, approved by ANRE President’s Order no. 91/2022, respectively the Regulation regarding the supply of natural gas as a last resort, approved by Order of the President of ANRE no. 173/2020.

“Nevertheless, I would like to emphasize the fact that in the event that any economic operator active in the electricity/natural gas supply sector withdraws from the Romanian market, the final electricity/natural gas customers will have uninterrupted continuity of electricity/natural gas supply, as the case may be,” added Chiriță.

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