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ANRE approved the settlement of an amount of 376 mln. lei to energy suppliers

22 June 2022

The National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE) has so far approved the settlement from the state budget of an amount of 376.1 million lei to energy suppliers, through the mechanism of capping bills, it is shown in a statement of the institution.

Considering the activity carried out within ANRE regarding the collection, verification of data, preparation of analysis sheets and determination of the amounts due for settlement from the state budget through the budget of the Ministry of Energy, in accordance with the provisions of Government Emergency Ordinance no.118/2021, with subsequent amendments and completions, the situation of settlement applications, for the period November 2021 – March 2022, is as follows: total number of companies that submitted applications – 70, total number of applications submitted – 274, total number of approved applications – 102, total number of ineligible applications – 38, according to Agerpres.

The total amount sent for settlement to the Ministry of Energy is of 376.1 million lei.

The total value requested by suppliers was of 383.7 million lei, of which 7.6 million lei were considered ineligible.

The difference of 134 requests submitted for settlement is in different stages of analysis, and as the operators upload the data and supporting documents, requested by the assigned experts, their verification and determination will be carried out with maximum efficiency, say ANRE officials.

They added that the activity of the Working Group is carried out normally, in direct collaboration with the operators, reaching the settlement of requests of March 2022.


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