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ANRE approved a tariff of 980 lei per gigacalorie for Bucharest

19 January 2022
District Heating

The National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE) approved on Tuesday a tariff of 980 lei per gigacalorie for Termoenergetica, said the Minister of Family, Youth and Equal Opportunities, Gabriela Firea.

“ANRE has approved the local Termoenergetica tariff for the production, transport, distribution of thermal energy. This tariff represents the Elcen tariff, which belongs to the Ministry of Energy, plus the Termoenergetica tariff, which belongs to the City Hall, and will continue to be approved by the General Council. That it is very serious: the total price reaches almost 1,000 lei per gigacalorie, that is 980 lei – what I am telling you are things found today, very serious things. Until now it was 490 lei the cost per gigacalorie. One more, 980 lei, up from 490 lei. The population paid 163 lei. Today, when we talk, there is the subsidy left from my mandate (as a Bucharest mayor), so only 163 lei,” said Gabriela Firea, according to Agerpres.

The Minister of the Family appreciated that the new price of the gigacalorie will be found on the first bill of the people of Bucharest, if the tariff will be approved this month by the General Council of the Bucharest City Hall.

“(The new approved tariff, no.) will pass in the General Council, where they have a majority, we cannot stop them, because they have a majority. If this month, at the first ordinary meeting, the tariff approved by ANRE is voted, so double compared to the previous amount, up to 980 lei – almost 1,000 lei, including VAT, (the new tariff, no.) comes into force on the next invoice,” said Gabriela Firea.


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